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   Blade API Monitor
Trace and log API and ActiveX interface.
Bluetooth Advertising 2010-11-25 Download

   TracePlus Winsock 8.80.000
View the Winsock API while your app runs
Bluetooth Advertising 2010-02-16 Download

   VcSmith 3.1.9
VcSmith is debug and test tool for VC
Bluetooth Advertising 2008-09-12 Download

A professional USB protocol analyzer
Bluetooth Advertising 2008-08-28 Download

   Vermont HighTest Plus 6.0
Regression testing for Windows and Web
Vermont Creative Software, Inc. 2008-08-19 Download

   SmartInspect 3.0
Logging for .NET, Java and Delphi developers
Gurock Software GmbH 2008-08-12 Download

   PE Explorer 1.99 R4
EXE and DLL File Editor & Win32 Disassembler
Heaventools Software 2008-08-07 Download

   DLL Export Viewer 1.22
Lists DLL exported functions and addresses.
NirSoft Freeware 2008-07-06 Download

   iTestBot 1.0
Automate interface related tasks and tests
AKS-Labs 2008-06-26 Download

   TracePlus Win32 5.58.000
View and analyze Win32 API calls
SST Incorporated 2008-06-22 Download

   iota-calc 1.7.6
calculator specifically for programmers
Sol Robots L.L.C. 2008-06-06 Download

   LiveCode SE 1.0
Multi user realtime code and text editor
RAF Systems 2008-05-13 Download

   J51 1.03
J51 a Java Intel 8051 family emulator
Simet 2008-05-07 Download

   Auto Debug Professional 5.1
A Best API Monitor tool.
Auto Debug System 2008-04-17 Download

   BB TestAssistant 2.0
Screen recorder for testing or bug reporting.
Blueberry Software Ltd 2008-03-31 Download

   Docklight RS232 Terminal - RS232 Monitor 1.8
RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor
Flachmann und Heggelbacher 2008-03-23 Download

   Docklight Scripting 1.8
Automated testing for serial COM, TCP and UDP
Flachmann und Heggelbacher 2008-03-23 Download

   VB Decompiler 3.9
Decompiler of Visual Basic programs
GPcH Soft 2008-03-02 Download

   Advanced USB Port Monitor
USB Devices: analysis and debugging
AGG Software 2008-02-22 Download

   TestComplete 6.11
Superior automated software testing
AutomatedQA 2008-01-28 Download

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